A Portuguese D.O.C, or Denominação de Origem Controlada, sets the regulations that help maintain the quality of wine produced in a particular region. The Vinho Verde DOC is maintained by the "Wine Commission of the Vinho Verde Region. "The climate in Vinho Verde is mild and damp due to its proximity to the Atlantic coastline. About 59 inches of rain falls here every year, mainly in spring and fall. This can make planting, protecting and harvesting the grapes challenging.

The soils in Vinho Verde are primarily granite-based and sandy, although some areas have more slate and clay. Soils also tend to be high in acidity.

While most vineyards in the Vinho Verde are planted on gentle slopes, some can be found on steeper, terraced hillsides. Vinho Verde is made from one or a combination of twenty five different white grapes. The best and most popular varieties are Alvarinho, Trajadura, Louriro and Pederña.